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(Courtesy of the Miami Marlins)

The best thing about baseball is the legends that build up around the game. There’s always a story, and it always has a whiff of the unreal, whether it’s Yogi Berra’s leaps in logic, Dock Ellis’ psychedelic-fueled no-hitter, Bo Jackson’s left-handed Read more

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A single bottle of Scotch whisky sold for more than $2.7 million last November. One bottle. It was a Macallan 1926, one of 40 bottles’ worth distilled in that year, aged 60 years in sherry wood and bottled in 1986. There are no tasting notes for this Read more

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The year Prohibition ended, Hawaii was still two decades away from statehood, Miami Beach’s Art Deco Historic District was under construction and a fellow named Ernest Gantt taught America to fall in love with the exotic. He’d spent his youth Read more

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There was dismay on the woman’s face at the next table. “This is … wrong! It’s … I don’t know, it’s wrong,” she said, and she put her glass down. “That’s not an old fashioned. I don’t know what it is.” Read more

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In 1493, Christopher Columbus built the first intentional European settlement on this side of the Atlantic. That is, leaving aside Leif Erikson’s rather cold settlement on an island a bit closer to the North Pole than Nova Scotia. Read more

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