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Any Florida native – or anyone who has lived in Miami for more than a few months – can tell you that we really only have two seasons. There’s the dry season, which lasts through most of what the rest of the country calls winter, and there’s the wet Read more

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Greg the server gave a confused smile for a split second when a customer pointed at the menu and asked, “Tell me a story about the beer here.” Read more

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First things first: the lychee is not a nut. It used to be called a nut, for reasons that might elude anyone who’s tasted a lychee dish or drink before seeing one au naturel. Read more

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It’s no accident that this city’s most significant relic is the Miami Circle – this is a place that repeats itself. Sure, South Florida is constantly renewing, rebuilding and reimagining itself, but somehow the old patterns keep returning, folded up Read more

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An ecology teacher once told me that South Florida only has two seasons: wet and dry. (Three, if you count hurricane season separately.) Those divisions line up remarkably well with the season that makes Florida’s economy go: tourist season. As the Read more

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