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Written by Janet Goodman, BT Contributor   
March 2017

Pet communicator says the spirit world helps her heal

Dbigstock-Sweet-Angel-Puppy-43010743o you believe in angels? Most likely you do -- an Associated Press-GfK poll of 1000 adults in December 2011 showed that 77 percent of Americans think angels exist.

Miami Shores resident Alina Nunez, owner of Heal with Angels, believes. Nunez describes herself a pet communicator and healer who works with angels to treat animals with physical and behavioral issues.

“Angels are like my partners for healing,” she tells the BT in a recent interview. “I get the messages and then I work with angels to heal.”

Rather than thinking she’s the exception, Nunez believes we all have abilities to be in touch with angels, spirits, and guides.

“My belief and experience is that we’re all from the spiritual realm, so it’s innate in us. The question is, do you want to be open to it and develop it?”

Nunez says she’s been talking to angels since she was a child. Her Cuban-immigrant parents thought it was strange but considered her normal, she says, as other relatives also had supernatural gifts. Her uncle spoke in different languages as spirits took over his body, but his experience was different from her own.

“Spirits speak to me and the pet I’m treating,” she explains. “Or they show me an image and I’ll tell the client what I’m seeing. I’m constantly there. I don’t leave my body.”

Nunez earned a certification in massage in Spain, became a minister, is a long-time natural health and holistic nutritionist, and is one class shy of a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Trinity School of Natural Health. But it was during an astrological chart reading that she was told to develop her medium abilities as a healer. After three training sessions with a prominent healer, she went on her own, she says, developing her skills directly with the angels.

Psychics -- a term Nunez doesn’t like -- experience in different ways. For Nunez, she can see images, hear messages, and feel sensations only after giving the universe and spirits permission to come in, so she’s not hounded day and night.

“The spiritual realm is very respectful of your wishes,” she says. She claims to be able to see inside the body, to see dislocated joints and broken bones, to see inside organs and find tumors.

Some clients seek answers to what happened to pets they’ve recently adopted. Some bring in old or sick animals to question whether or not to put them to sleep. They want to know what the animals want. And if end of life is eminent, they want their pets to know that they are loved.

Sessions are often for pet owners, to reassure themselves that they’re making sound decisions. Nunez shares the story of a woman who owned an elderly collie and brought a puppy into the family. The older dog became stressed and exhausted from living with the active pup, causing the owner to consider finding a new home for the newcomer. Her feelings of guilt brought her to the pet communicator, who facilitated a psychic dialogue between human and canine, explaining the transition to a new home and helping the owner to comfortably make a decision that was best for all.

In an hour session for $75, Nunez likes to have pets and people get to know her first, before getting down to the business of healing. She communicates to the pet what’s about to occur and begins a ritual request for energy from the universe and angels to come through.

“As soon as I put my hands on a pet, it’ll just flow,” says Nunez. “With the owners present, I work with the animals. In my room I have a big rug and I’ll sit on the floor with pet toys. I’ll play with them, give them a little treat, pet them until they come to me to let me do the work.”

Animals sit, lie down, or stand during sessions. Nunez points out: “Any way they feel comfortable. I bring in the energy and transpose it to the pet. Energy and heat comes through and starts the healing. They can even be simply in my vicinity and I don’t have to touch them -- I can send them the energy.” Long-distance healing is also something she is hired to do.

“The actual energy work is only 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the problems, the number of issues, and the pet’s size.” Since animal attention spans are short, Nunez’s healing is interspersed with breaks. This helps energy to come through, for the body to process it, and allow in more.

“Pets then accept it easier and process it quicker,” she says. “Sometimes I’ll do three, five-minute intervals of healing.”

“Animals are fairly open,” she continues. “They love healing. They feel the energies go through their bodies. Sometimes they’ll move that part of the body that is in pain and they’ll bring it toward my hand,” as if telling her: “Heal this paw.”


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