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December 2017

bigstock_Mail_Button_1727945A Village in Need of a Look

I read with much interest David Villano’s article about the architecture of Coconut Grove (“Buildings and Fantasies,” November 2017).

There is no Grove architecture. Perhaps back in the 1960s, but not since development took over. As Miami’s initial, historic settlement, there is nothing on the streets today that remotely suggests any relation to the pioneer beginnings or the Sixties-era art and hippie enclave that it became.

The Barnacle, hidden behind a hammock, is the only “authentic” work of architecture that reflects the soul and spirit of the Grove. Everything else is driven by commerce and its shallow roots.

Unfortunately, we should have a special zoning district that protects the heritage and requires that all new development adhere to strict Grove village architecture models based on its pioneer beginnings -- wood construction, limestone and coral rock, arcades -- the building at Peacock Park is a good model. The grove should have a distinct look, and recognizable “edge.”

Anyway, thanks for mentioning my name in the article. The term “seductive troll” to describe Mayfair is funny, a little offensive, and right on the money. It is not authentic. What the Grove needs is authenticity.

Tony Cantillo


My Dog Will Love Your Paper

Libtard haters like Jack King (“Trump Keeps Making It Local,” November 2017), who hate our president so much (just because you hate anyone who is not a socialist), please note that from now on, I will be using the Biscayne Times for the most practical purpose of having my dog piss and crap on it between peepee pads. It might be small poops, but I will take pleasure when her poop lands dead center right on King’s articles bashing our president.

Grow a brain.

Kat Tesauro
North Miami Beach


Junior High Jack

In reference to Jack King’s article “Trump Keeps Making It Local,” all I read was insults and name-calling from him about a phone conversation between President Trump and a soldier’s widow.

Does the over 3.0 GDP make him mad? How about lowest jobless rate in 17 years, or consumer confidence best in 20 years?

Did Jack King even know these things? His text reads like an upset junior high school student over classroom gossip. He’s so wrapped up in his hate toward our president, he’s blind to the progress already happening.

So keep watching CNN a few more months and wait for the evidence of Trump collusion.

Jack, live the hate and anger for at least three more years. It’s good for you. Can you send me a pic so I can insult the way you look?

Kevin Bogusky
Biscayne Park


Enough Is Enough!

Biscayne Times has been a constant feature on my coffee table because of the articles and display of real estate in the area. From now on, you can keep me out of your list because I am fed up with the media open season for insulting, name calling, and in a way instigating division ever since Donald Trump won a job to fix this country, which should be the interest of all Americans.

Your ill-mannered contributor Jack King must be an idiot (to use his own language) for not listening to his editor’s advice to stop writing about President Trump (“Trump Keeps Making It Local”). His writing is infuriating, lacking respect not only for the office but for anyone who cares about this country and respects the results of an election.

Furthermore, tell this Jack King that commenting about a national tragedy, calling it “something wonderful happened” just because the parent of this dead soldier had ties to South Florida, is more than disgusting.

I stopped reading his insults and doom predictions about what Trump will do to the country. Only an ignorant person can really believe that the president of the United States’ intention was to insult, disrespect, or do anything but express sorrow on behalf of the country. Not even your idiotic contributor believes it.

Enough is enough!!!! Stop writing in a disrespectful manner and making an ass of your paper and himself (to use his terms). Nobody will take you seriously or listen to what you have to say when Biscayne Times is full of bias and insults.

Please count me out. I do not want to see your paper at my doorstep. You can continue spreading hate somewhere else.

Sara Kelly
North Miami


King Is Good for a Laugh

No doubt Jack King’s aim is to reel in more hate mail (he must eat it for breakfast) with his latest column (“Trump Keeps Making It Local”), despite his editor’s pleas, on the way the president tried to score political points for himself out of the slaying of Sgt. La David Johnson, but instead got caught up in a web of lies about U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson.

I get a kick out of King and the squeals he induces in the alt-right conspiracy buffs. Thank god he enjoys giving us a laugh as he punches back.

Humor will get us by until the indictments come in.

Donna McKnight


Let Down On a Grand Scale

Regarding the article “Stormy Weather Blues,” by Francisco Alvarado (October 2017): It’s shocking to know the Miami Shores police were actually on the property owned by Silvia Ros and Anne Swanson at the very time thieves were looting their belongings.

It makes us wonder why the officer on duty did not actually inspect the property, after being notified that an alarm had been activated. Surely it would have been noticed that the rear door had been breached.

How ironic that the motto of the police is “to protect and serve.” There certainly was no protection or serving these ladies, as their home was being looted while an officer was at the property, purportedly inspecting and securing.

They have every right to expect an apology and restitution. And the officer who allowed this to happen needs retraining and reprimanding. They were let down on a grand scale by those who are sworn to keep things like this from happening.

Molly Kasun
Holiday, Florida


Same Time Next Year?

What a great cover story by Arnold Markowitz about fishing and life lessons (“5 Things Fishing Has Taught Me about Life,” October 2017).

You could reprint that story every year and Biscayne Times readers would still happily bite.

Errol Campos


One of Life’s Little Pleasures, Slammed

I just finished reading an article about “sweating the small stuff” by your [former] Upper Eastside correspondent Shane Graber (“The Small Stuff Matters,” November 2015).

What brought me to the article was an Internet search on spots to fish in Miami. More specifically, I used Google maps to locate parks along the bay that would serve as a comfortable place to fish. I started at Morningside Park, and the next small park was Baywood. I searched “fishing at Baywood,” which led me to this article.

It was quite interesting, and I agreed with every point except one. Shane obviously did not notice his own irony in speaking about the “little things” that people care so much for. He stated that he worked with police to install “no fishing” signs, yet fishing was still “rampant.” Does he not realize that fishing is one of the greatest small pleasures in life that one can enjoy?

I can’t think of anything worse than a cop kicking me out of a park for one of America’s favorite pastimes and outdoor activities, which a father can enjoy with his kids or even alone. Shane’s dad probably never took him fishing, and he also probably hates the smell of fish. How on earth can he be a champion of life’s “little things” when he is partial to only some of those things?

Was he complaining about the mess that can be made while fishing? Then put up signs directing fishermen to properly dispose of their waste, and provide a place to discard worn and tangled fishing line. But by all means don’t prevent me from choosing a comfortable park setting to enjoy a day of fishing, and quite possibly catching dinner for the family.

Jesus Jay Vega