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Aug 11th
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Written by Derek McCann, BT Contributor   
June 2019


policeman_stopThey Are Watching You

100 Block of NE 76th Street

The Miami criminal mind is always aware. We, apparently, are not. Woman left her home and front door unlocked. She went about her day seeming to think: “I live on a quiet street and no one comes by here.” To her dismay, her home was burglarized. She must learn to look both ways before leaving her apartment. The dude staring back is not really into you, just your stuff.


Road Rage, with a Venti

6900 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

A driver had parked his car near the street corner, blocking traffic. Another driver managed to pull around his car but maybe came too close. The guy with the parked car got incensed, completely lost it, and followed close behind in an effort to intimidate second driver, then drove past him, stopped, got out, and threw a cup of fresh-brewed Starbucks at him. Direct hit. This crazed individual also managed to get into the car by punching his hand through the window. The victim was not hurt by the punch but was cut by the cup.


Just Take What You Need and Leave the Rest

3000 NW 36th St.

Police were called to a well-known rental car business in response to a burglary and a stolen car. They arrived and were told that a spare tire had been stolen from the bottom of the vehicle. Nothing else taken. A video shows a man gaining entry to the car, then grabbing the tire. He was also seen jumping over the fence with the tire -- quite the athlete. Why the interest in a spare tire? Maybe he wanted to get his own car up and running so he can burglarize some more.


Didn’t Get There Fast Enough

1200 Block of NE 81st Terrace

While enjoying a pleasant dinner with friends, our victim received a call from his alarm company. He immediately left and drove home, only to find that its security had been compromised. The report clearly states that the door was “ajar open,” just so there would be no misunderstanding. There is video of the incident, which clearly shows that the door was “ajar open.” They will learn, we hope, to never leave with the door open and make sure it is not ajar. This will prevent another “door intrusion,” which is how the report describes it.


Will She Rebuild That Wall?

4500 Block of N. Miami Avenue

Woman was horrified that her home had been broken into. What she couldn’t understand was how it happened, since there is a high wall surrounding her property. She’d told friends that she was “going to build that wall to keep the scum out.” The burglar apparently managed to scale the wall and leave by the same way. It’s unsure what more she can do -- maybe build a second one?


Lock Your Office If You Want No Scum

200 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

Victim discovered that $200 was missing from her office. She couldn’t understand why and thought maybe she’d just misplaced it. Then she saw a video of a man rummaging through her desk and grabbing items. He took two items, the victim’s bag, and her sunglasses. He’d been hiding in the building waiting for his opportunity when everyone had left. He exited via the front entrance, doing the runway look -- which is a swagger with new eyewear. So the lucky guy got $200 and a cool pair of shades. Who says crime doesn’t pay?


Perhaps a Slasher? Scary Stuff.

300 Block of NE 79th Street

While he was doing laundry at the Laundromat, a man saw a mystery intruder in his neighbor’s backyard. The intruder also carried a big knife, which he held menacingly in front of him. Fortunately, no one was home and no one got hurt. But the culprit used the knife to cut open the vinyl in a car’s rear window. He also cut through the driver’s window. He didn’t take any items. Guess he’s just into the vandalism thing, leaving actual robberies to hoi polloi.


Marking His Territory

400 Block of NE 29th Street

A thuggish-looking man entered the backyard of one of the few remaining single-family homes in this Edgewater neighborhood. He moved a ladder to the front of the house and then entered the house, leaving no sign of forced entry (which seems to happen in most of these reports). Does everyone leave their doors open and unlocked these days? This intruder didn’t take anything, but rearranged the furniture and left his own personal hygiene items on the bathroom counter. Maybe he was looking to squat and found a location he liked. The owner told police they have to get him -- and you, Owner, have to close and lock your doors in the meantime.


Girl Power Gone Wrong

7900 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

This cocky woman entered a business through the front door. She went right up to the register and made it her personal ATM. Security cameras caught her grabbing money and stuffing the bills into her human savings account. She then grabbed someone else’s bag but must have decided to leave without it. The owner of the bag noticed it had been moved, which made him call police. Now, that is one detail-oriented person.


Jackpot at the Dollar Store

9000 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

A brazen criminal entered a dollar store, went to the area by the cash register, and enriched himself by a total of $370. Who says there is no money in dollar theft? He was able to pass in and out of the store, avoiding all human interaction. Since the dollar store apparently wants to cut back, there was only one employee working the floor, and he was stocking items and not watching the register. So much for multitasking.


What Might His Woman Have Expected?

NE 1st Avenue and NE 60th Street

Police spotted a man leaving a house with a large coil of copper wire wrapped around his neck. When pressed about it, he said, “I am just going to meet my woman.” He pointed to where he got the wire -- an abandoned house. But when police patted him down, they found a Leatherman tool (we assume that’s the brand and not a reference to a subculture thing), two pairs of pliers, and the requisite crack pipe. His woman was thus spared a visit as her man spent the next few days in jail.

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