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Jun 02nd
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Written by Jack King, BT Contributor   
April 2019

bigstock-London-------Balloon-Of--255271126Trump is a man of many words, few of them true

Trump is a man of many words, few of them true

Fbigstock-London-------Balloon-Of--255271126irst of all, I want to thank you for the nice letters about me you have sent in to Biscayne Times. I didn’t think there were that many people who disliked me that much and who love Don “the Con” Dumpster even more. Hell, I didn’t even know you all could write! Keep the letters coming! I do have a sense of humor.

Now, back to The Dumpster, or should I say the Lying Dumpster. Two years ago, he lied 492 times in the first 100 days of his presidency (this was fact-checked by numerous independent sources). That worked out to five lies a day. I didn’t think it was even possible to make up five lies a day for 100 days in a row!

Now, at two years into his presidency, he has reportedly blurted out more than 9000 lies -- that works out to nearly 13 lies per day. The question will be to see if he can double that to 26 lies per day. My money’s on The Dumpster, but he’ll have to make some changes and stop repeating everything he says. There just isn’t enough time in the day.

He also needs to stop repeating the only multi-syllabic word he knows: “collusion.” He does, however, use another word before collusion. It’s easy to spell and easy to pronounce: “no.” And if you hear The Dumpster on television, you hear the phrase at least half a dozen times in a row: “no collusion.”

And just in case you think all this “no collusion” stuff is made up (The Dumpster does make it all up), the judge in the Paul Manafort trial never said any such thing, even though The Dumpster says it over and over again. So, does The Dumpster have a master’s degree in lying? He seems to be the best.

And here’s an articulate interview The Dumpster did with Fox Business News: “It’s always interesting to me because a deputy, that didn’t get any votes, appoints a man that didn’t get any votes, he’s going to write a report on me.

“I had one of the greatest election victories in history. Would you say that’s true?

They came from the valleys, they came from the rivers, they came from the cities, they came from all over, they voted in one of the greatest elections in the history of our country, and now I have a man, because we have an attorney general who -- nobody can even believe he didn’t tell me, but he recused himself -- so I have a man who is a deputy who I don’t know, who I didn’t know at all, and he appoints a man who had just left my office, I didn’t give him the job at the FBI, [James] Comey’s his best friend, but listen, you know it better than anybody, you’ve been very fair in this, but listen, I have a deputy, appoints a man to write a report on me, to make a determination on my presidency, people will not stand for it.”

With those words, The Dumpster, with what little brain power he may have, shows us that he likely believes he’s been elected emperor of the United States, for life! Obviously, he has no idea how the U.S. political system works. He might notice that no one in the Justice Department serves in an elected position. No one.

It’s also in keeping with The Dumpster’s total lack of knowledge about the separation of a president and the Justice Department. There’s no question that The Dumpster has never really grasped that the Justice Department doesn’t exist just to investigate the people and entities that he wants it to. The Justice Department is here to uphold the laws of the land, not the personal whims of the president.

We’re always looking to the past to see if we can find hints of what the future may hold. Sometimes it works, and sometime it doesn’t. Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont did, and he issued a stern warning to The Dumpster: Don’t pull a Richard Nixon.

In a Washington Post op-ed, Leahy recalled the collapse of Nixon’s administration after the Watergate scandal. He said The Dumpster ought to be as clear as possible with Mueller’s findings if he hopes to avoid damaging public trust in the government.

“Those years serve as a reminder that a democracy hidden from the people is no democracy at all,” Leahy said.

“Nixon fought the release of his secret White House recordings all the way to the highest court,” Leahy wrote. “He lost. If Trump attempts to hide the Mueller report, I believe he will lose too.”

Wow, just think about it. Tricky Dick and The Dumpster in one lifetime. Too much to handle. 


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