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Jun 02nd
Dumpster and the Wall PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jack King, BT Contributor   
January 2019

Pix_JackKing_1-19Just two more years of insanity, folks

Just two more years of insanity, folks

IPix_JackKing_1-19t’s been two years and two months since our glorious American buddies elected Donald Trump, albeit with a minority of votes cast, actually with 2.9 million fewer votes. That was the biggest margin in U.S. history by which a loser took the White House.

Forget that our Founding Fathers put this bizarre system in the Constitution so the U.S. Senate could override a presidential election in case rank-and-file voters elected some full-blown wacko.

The Senate’s electoral-college powers diminshed after the 12th Amendment expanded voting rights and states created their own systems for choosing these electors. A big improvement, right?

Boy, were they ever wrong! The system failed magnificently, and we ended up with the will of the people being reversed and possibly the worst president in the nation’s history sitting in the Oval Office.

A qualifier here: Without a doubt, the worst president ever was Andrew Johnson, but he wasn’t elected. He became the president after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

But now we have the illustrious Donald Trump, who is challenging Johnson for that title.

I like to refer to Trump as Don (the Con) Dumpster because I have a certain feeling that the Dumpster will actually surpass Johnson as the worst president, and that he’ll do it in less time. It took Johnson three years to be that bad, so let’s just waive the rules and vote the Dumpster the worst. Period.

How bad is the Dumpster so far? Well, the Washington Post has a weekly column called “Fact Checker.” In the first eight months of his presidency, Trump made 1137 false or misleading claims. That’s an average of five a day.

In the month of October, right before the midterms, he traveled across the country and made 1205 false claims, an average 39 a day. Combined with the rest of rest of his term up to December 20, that total is, at press time, 7546 false or misleading statements, or I as like to call them, lies.

Boy, can that guy tell lies!

I’ve wondered why fat old white guys from the Midwest like him so much. No matter what the Dumpster does, they believe him. And the more outrageous the lies, the more they trust him.

Right now the Dumpster is still trying to get his Mexican border wall built, and insisting that the Mexicans will ultimately pay for it, one way or another. This has been going on for the past three years. Initially he told us that he wanted the wall to keep the illegal aliens coming in from Mexico. Then he found out it wasn’t the Mexicans coming in, but people from Central America.

So he modified the story, left off the part about Mexico paying for the wall, and has been asking Congress (us taxpayers) to foot the bill. To show you how dumb he is, he thought Congress would just forget about the part where Mexico would pay for it, and just try to put it in the domestic budget, like no one would notice. That didn’t work so well. Even Republicans didn’t fall for it.

One other little fact that the Dumpster has overlooked (or maybe he’s just a little brain dead) is that tens of thousands of Mexicans go to work every day in the United States. That’s along with tens of thousands of Americans going to work every day in Mexico. I hope the Dumpster never finds out that we have a border with Canada and the same thing happens there too.

And now, at least as of deadline, the Dumpster has been doing so poorly in Washington that he actually made good on his promise to proudly shut down major parts of the federal government until Congress passes a bill that includes funding for his border wall. Good luck, Dumpster. Even the Republicans don’t like you.

If we’re lucky, we will have only two more years of his insane behavior.

But back here in sunny Florida, things aren’t much better. Our new U.S. Senator, Rick Scott, has been hiding, possibly in Washington. It would be nice for him to find his way around without carrying a large sack of cash like he did in Tallahassee.

I was unsure that he’d have enough available cash to buy his way around Washington, but on second thought, I feel certain he has enough money to buy his way throughout the Senate, at least for the first three years. If he’s as good at generating money as he was in Florida as governor, I’m sure he’ll be just fine.

The one I’m worried about is our new governor, Ron DeSantis. No doubt he knows his way around Tallahassee, but certainly not so well as Scott. Tallahassee is a poor town when you compare it to Naples and Washington. However, it’s still the fertilizer capital of Florida.

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