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Jul 15th
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October 2018

Great and Classic

bigstock_Mail_Button_1727945Gaspar Gonzalez’s story about Roy Wright and classic old console stereos was a great article (“For the Love of Audio,” September 2018).

And it was right on time. How can we reach Roy?


Burak Imer


Editor’s note: At age 73, Roy Wright is still going strong at Beta Electronics, his one-man business repairing audio equipment of all types.

Beta is located by I-95 at 669 NW 118th St., Miami, FL 33168. You can reach him at 305-688-2264.


From the Audio Files

Thank you for the cover story “For the Love of Audio” by Gaspar González. May Dr. Roy and his labor of love at Beta Electronics thrive for many years.

The story brought back warm memories of music’s central place in my Midwest family in the late 1950s, early 1960s. This was well before standalone speakers or surround-sound systems -- and I was a grade-school kid in awe of the hardwood console in our “rec room” that contained a stereo, radio…and a TV. I had permission to lift up the lid and pull back the doors, and that was it.

Twice a month or so on Sundays afternoons, we had a lady dance instructor over to the house. To records on the turntable, my brothers and I learned how to be presentable on the dance floor. During the Latin dance craze of that era, we took lessons alongside our parents and grandparents in the rumba, the samba, and the cha-cha-cha. Those were fun times.

When I read the Beta Electronics story, the first thing I did was go to YouTube, as your writer did, in search of something like our old stereo console. It was a nostalgic and entertaining search, though I came up emptyhanded. I did inherit those Latin dance LPs, though, and still have them!

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.

Roberta Cousins


Lingua Franca

Regarding Erik Bojnansky’s “On Edge Over Gambling” (September 2018), as usual it was an outstanding and informative article.

If Norman Braman and Jorge Pérez, [who object to any new gambling operations in Miami], were not so wealthy, no one would care what they said or what they wanted.

But of course $$$ always talks.

Barbara Goldwich


Rolling the Dice

Good article by Erik Bojnansky about possible gaming in Edgewater, well reported (“On Edge Over Gambling,” September 2018).

Commissioner Ken Russell is correct to say that a public hearing is in order. Neighbors deserve a chance to have their say on the matter.

Sheldon Neumeyer


Pets on Planes

Janet Goodman was exactly right in her “Pets in Planes” column (September 2018). Here in Florida it’s tricky traveling by air with pets. You may think your cargo-booked pet will be fine, but if your departure day turns out to be hotter than expected, the airline won’t accept the animal for fear it’ll die while the plane waits in line on the scorching tarmac.

And there are limits to the number of pets allowed in the cabin per flight.

I won’t consider putting an animal in cargo in our climate. Too much can go wrong.

Tony Ortega
North Bay Village


So Much More than You Pay For

Jeff Shimonski is the best deal in your free paper, thank you. I enjoy learning how dumb it is to plant grass or to use fertilizer or cut roots, and how wise it is to compost, preserve natural soil nutrients, and plant wisely. I like his pointed sarcasm too.

I’ll wager there’s a lot of readers out there like me who, as he wrote recently (“Let the Sunshine In,” September 2018), have no idea that our ornamental hedges are really trees. So I googled the sort-of mini-hedges I have -- a few podocarpus, cocoplum, laurel -- and, oh my, wow. I do have trees. And I’m going to watch them grow!

Maria Blanco


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