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Jul 22nd
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Written by Derek McCann, BT Contributor   
June 2018

policeman_stopNot Much Neighborly Spirit

6000 Block of NE Miami Court

Sitting on the porch, shooting the breeze, and passing the time is a great way to get to know our neighbors and build our communities. But get permission first. A man lounging on a porch was told to leave when the owner came home. As he did, he turned around and came back, pushing open an iron gate and trying to break down the front door, damaging the hinges in the process and making it inside the home briefly. After an intense few minutes, the intruder gave up and left. No arrests have been made, but time to put thumbtacks on that porch.


Just When You Thought It Was Safe

600 Block of NE 61st Street

A woman went to the store right across the street and left her doors unlocked. The time she was away was 15 minutes. When she returned home, she saw a man walking toward the rear of her apartment, carrying something. She screamed out to him and he promptly ran off. These hooligans always seem to flake out like little snowflakes. But he did get two Apple computers. No arrests have been made. Please lock your doors when you go buy your lottery tickets.


Teaming Up in Old Age

8300 Block of NE 3rd Court

The aging process is humbling and unavoidable. But we keep on trucking, or burglarizing in this case. A neighbor witnessed two men, both about 60, coming from the back of the house next door with large paper bags filled with items. How old school is that? He called the police, and they determined that entry was made via an open back window. Owner is away and attempts to reach him haven’t been successful. As for our perps, it appears they’re just not ready to retire just yet.


Get Lost in that Savory Goodness

1700 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

A hungry patron sat on the bench outside Burger King in what must have been a moment of relaxation as she took in the sights: horns honking, vagrants walking, rude cyclists, etc. She placed her cell phone beside her, and not in her pocket. Well, that we know was going to cost her. A man brazenly reached out, grabbed the phone, and ran off. The stunned woman called police. Another example that you’re just not you when you’re hungry.


Every Minute Costs You

1500 Block of N. Miami Avenue

Victim called police and alerted them of a missing backpack. His wife had his backpack, but it had been taken from her chair as she sat inside the cafeteria. Victim waited hours to call police, and when asked why, he replied, “I thought someone would have returned it.” If only, and maybe that will happen one day in Crime Beat.


Not Adding Up

600 Block of NE 86th Street

A tenant was moving out of his apartment and had begun taking items to the moving truck. Moving is difficult, but he had a plan for important items, such as his wallet, and that plan was to put it under his mattress in his bedroom, which he had not moved yet. Surely no one will take the time to look there. When he finally grabbed that big mattress, there was no wallet. For whatever reason, he really thought it was safer under the mattress than in his pants pocket. Among the wallet’s contents was his federal probation card. Best make that call now.


Not the Best Company He’s Keeping

7800 Block of NE 10th Avenue

Victim is the brother of the landlord and had let an “acquaintance” care for his apartment in his absence. His “absence” came as a result of being incarcerated. The person he handpicked is likely part of the reason he keeps getting locked up. She ransacked his apartment and also broke into the landlord’s apartment. A witness saw her pushing a shopping cart filled with items to places unknown. No information on her whereabouts.


Business to Business

200 Block of NE 67th Street

A man walked into the office of a local business and asked about the services they provide. He talked about his own business, which is mainly a seasonal Christmas lighting business. He asked for a card and made his way out. This allowed our victim to leave her iPhone at her desk as she went to the warehouse to check on some things. The traveling entrepreneur returned to grab the phone and quickly headed out. Perhaps he stole it to take some selfies of his Christmas lighting business, which he will later send her. Now that’s guerrilla marketing.


Back to the Brick-and-Mortar

1700 Block of N. Bayshore Drive

Waiting for a package to be delivered can be frustrating, but if your apartment has a front desk, it should make things easier. However, there’s no perfect system. When our victim grabbed his box, which was supposed to contain a cell phone, he found it curious how light it was and may have been amazed by how far technology has come. And how far the criminals had gone, as the box was empty. Unknown if there is video of the theft or where it occurred.


What a Set-Up That Was

NE 11th Street and NE 1st Avenue

Having met a female companion in South Beach, a man decided to go clubbing with her on the mainland. The inebriated duo took a cab to this location. When they got out, another man jumped our male victim from behind. Not backing down, victim landed some punches and looked to be getting the better of the exchange until his new female companion pepper-sprayed him. It is noted that the man’s purse was taken, as it was wrapped around his neck.


Wait! She Strikes Again?

700 Block of NE 2nd Avenue Avenue

Victim was standing on the street smoking a cigarette when a female walked up to him and began making suggestive moves, touching and rubbing on him, which victim found strange though likely a little bit fun. A witness began recording the incident, causing the woman to become enraged as she tried to grab the witness’s phone. She was not successful, but our victim noticed his own phone was missing a few minutes later. A cab driver brought this to his attention and said she had it in her bra. When victim approached her, she agreed she had it. She then pepper-sprayed him and ran off to parts unknown. That’s a lot of work to steal a cell phone.

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