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Jul 22nd
Biscayne Crime Beat February PDF Print E-mail
Written by Derek McCann, BT Contributor   
February 2018

policeman_stopJump-Starting His Inventory

8200 Block of NE 2nd Avenue

On multiple occasions the owner of this business received alarm calls pertaining to a possible break-in. Due to what she perceived as an ongoing tech glitch, she ignored the latest interruption, in an effort to get more beauty rest. Unfortunately, the wolf arrived after the all those false alarms. A side window was shattered and 78 cell phones stolen, to the tune of six grand in losses. Scene was processed with positive results and the search continues for the would-be bandit startup.


No to This Neighborhood Watch

500 Block of NE 67th Street

Two apartment dwellers wanted to move on up in the world by adding security features. They installed a spiffy new camera on top of their door for their own protection, or perhaps to spy on the neighbors across the street in the hope of seeing through an open blind? Those neighbors were none too happy, and they threatened to remove that camera. Someone did, and their new camera went missing when the tenants returned one evening. No security for these social climbers, and no footage for potential Pornhub voyeurism either.


Skin Crime

100 Block of NE 41st Street

In a clean burglary, where there were no signs of forced entry, a mystery intruder ransacked a skin boutique. Missing items include a makeup kit, cleansers, hair products, and of course, purses. Besides the owner, only two other people have keys to the establishment -- so they may be likely suspects, though no arrests have been made. Nor it is known if they have been fired. Predict some awkward social interactions at this workplace moving forward. The beauty game is cutthroat enough as is.


Sleepy Drunk Dials Up This Report

5900 Block of NE 6th Avenue

It appears that some people still have not gotten the Miami memo to lock their doors and close their windows. Their stupidity keeps our grateful criminals fully clothed and fed. This victim told police he forgot to close (and lock) his kitchen window, then just fell asleep. Hitting those fabulous party clubs that have made us famous to the rest of the country led to his demise. The items taken were a wallet and cell phone. Betting odds are good that he lost those long before he got home.


Fight or Flight

100 Block of NE 53rd Street

Woman received a phone call from her neighbor indicating that a man was sitting in her car. In lieu of calling police first or just screaming, she busted out of her home and ran to the car, which surely had lots of payments left. When confronted, the potential car thief exited the car, pushed her to the ground in a gutless move, then ran off to places unknown. The suspect is known in the area, and police had an address for him, but he has now left the area, thanks in part to the actions of this brave woman who wasn’t going to take it.


When You Don’t Plan Well

100 Block of NE 11th Street

Easy and smart to plan out a score. Acting on impulse, no matter the opportunity, just will not work as much. In the inside portion of the bar, $2000 laid on the table, as employees were counting and sorting it. As they turned away, our offender grabbed it and placed it in his back pocket, unaware there are eyes everywhere, including cameras. Bouncers stopped him immediately and held him for police. Not all the money was returned, as he’d handed some off to another suspect, now at large. Suspect implored police, “I took it but I don’t have a record, sorry can you let me go?” Suspect arrested. Tell it to the judge.


Just More Dumb

300 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

It’s frustrating when people become victims of theft that’s completely avoidable. Here is a case of impatience overcoming common sense. Victim had just checked out of her hotel and waited for a cab, placing her suitcase on the sidewalk. After not getting a cab immediately, she crossed the street in hopes of having more options going the other way. She left her suitcase where it was, because, surely, no one wants that old piece of junk. Someone always does. Report filed, so next time just wait a bit longer, and not waste our officers’ time, even though you expected them to rush regardless.


Bring Back Wallet Chains

1700 Biscayne Blvd.

We also strive to educate. Laugh all you want, this may be you next month. After leaving Publix, man noticed his wallet was not in his pants. He then “remembered” leaving it on the counter when he was paying and checking out. Hey, this happens at times. Days are long, we go on autopilot. But it was a costly brain-freeze for him. Bring back the 1990s, folks. There’s much to learn from bikers.


The Apple of his Eye

200 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

Man met a woman at Zuma restaurant. He noticed that she appeared to be very friendly. She was also very easy to talk to and had the rare quality of being a good listener. Rare, but not so rare is the fact that this good listener also accepted our man’s invitation to go up to his hotel room. So maybe, good listener aside, she’s not marriage material. This was especially apparent when he dozed off (they all do this, quite reliably) and his watch, cash, and other noteworthy items were gone. Victim admits embarrassment when he detailed this to police, but he had to cut the interview short as he had an early flight back to the Big Apple next day.


Momma’s Boy Burns Bridges

3500 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

After exiting a cab, a passenger kept walking, causing the taxi driver to ask about the $85 fare he owed him. The only retort he received was the suggestion that he call police. He did, and the surly deadbeat was still in the area. Police asked him if he could pay and he said money is in his hotel room, but he’d lost his key card. Attendant said he lost his keys as well. Locksmith was to arrive next day. Police asked him for other options, and he had them call his mother. Yes, the police called his mom and asked her to come and pay her son’s fare. She refused and defendant was arrested. Will not need keys there. That is taken care of.


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