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Jul 22nd
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Written by Derek McCann, BT Contributor   
June 2017

policeman_stopAll Alone and On Your Own

1 NE 79th St.

While at a gas station, a car carrying two males and one female pulled up beside an unwitting woman. The lone female in the car asked if she could use the woman’s cell phone. Of course she would say yes. But the car pulled off with the cell phone. After a feeble chase, the victim asked the store clerk if he could call police, only to be told that he “was unable to do so.” There’s video perhaps of the incident, but clerk cannot access it. The woman ran across the street, hoping random persons would help her instead. The phone is not back yet.


Brothers Who Steal Together Can Appeal Together

29 NE 11th St.

At a club, $500 was placed on a table. One would think flashing such cash, even at Publix, is unwise. And it’s true. A man snagged the cash when there was a distraction and handed it off to another man quickly, who happened to be his brother. That second brother left the club and was free to avoid any forced detainment, but the brother remaining was held by security and an off-duty police unit. This is when the second brother came back to speak to police as just a character witness. He was identified by employees immediately, and both brothers were arrested. Plan failed.


The Big Pants Heist

3401 N. Miami Ave.

Maybe people are aware those security cameras can just be props at times. This man was banking on it, and started to load electronics items in his pants and beneath his shirt. As his bulges increased, his walk got slower. He barely made it past the cash register and out of the store. But just when he thought he was free, there was good old loss prevention, taking away his fun. A total of $392 in merchandise was returned to the store, and our failed shoplifter was taken to the county jail. Video captured all of it for his future trial.


So Much for the Promoter

7600 block of NE 4th Court

One wonders how often this occurs in Miami, but we do know people call in these types of reports all the time. A man threw a party at his home, spending his hard-earned cash on food, beer, music, and likely therapy afterward, when he realized that people loved him only for the aforementioned items, including, apparently, his wallet. The next day, as he cleaned the curious stains around his apartment, he learned his wallet was missing. He called police and was given a case card. If you attended this party, you may be called in (or not). Maybe not the after-party you wanted.


What Can Be Expected

7700 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

While waiting in the lobby of one of our Boulevard motels, a woman briefly fell asleep on a comfy couch. She opened her eyes minutes later and found that her cell phone was missing. She’d placed it on the table for easy taking. The woman’s boyfriend said he heard the lobby door closing, so he went to investigate. Where was this guy when the phone went missing? He saw what he described as a derelict outside the motel and believes said derelict took the phone. He asked the clerk if the video worked, but clerk remarked it has not worked for over a year. So no leads. Derelict has not been arrested or questioned.


Just Another Night With the Family

6200 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

Man and his cousin went to visit his cousin’s friend at a Boulevard motel. After drinking it up for a while, our future victim placed his gun next to him as he sat back in a recliner. He’d brought his gun as he needed it with him at all times, even when drinking it up with his cousin at a motel room. He also dozed off like our prior victim, and when he did, he felt someone rubbing his armpit. It was his cousin’s friend, and she said she was looking for cigarettes. In reality, she wanted his gun. When his gun went missing, she denied taking it and grew agitated, asking the man and his cousin to leave. She was later seen handing off an object to two other men. No arrests have been made.


Police Step It Up

NE 17th Terrace and NE 2nd Court

Stealing liquor apparently draws great ire from storeowners, and our finest. A man dressed in all black, with a few stylish gray shades to his Ninja-like ensemble, entered a Publix liquor store and placed a bottle into one of those eco-friendly bags required by all hipsters. In lieu of keeping cool, he ran out of the store, causing a cashier to scream, “He stole a bottle. Stop him!” This caused the police to get involved. A short foot race ensued, leading to a very quick arrest. Publix is just not a good spot to hit for one’s booze.


Try to Break One Little Law at a Time

700 Block of NE 25th Street

A man was parked in a no-parking zone, so this drew the attention of police. It happens. Maybe he was waiting for someone. When police approached his vehicle, they noticed a strong smell of marijuana emanating from his vehicle. Without stating this, the officer asked the man: “Is there anything in the car I should know about?” Our illegally parked friend said, “I got some weed.” He then produced a baggie containing marijuana. Maybe he thought this officer wanted to share and that would get him out of this? He miscalculated big time, was arrested, and his car was impounded. Next time, we suggest you park in a real spot at least, as all of this would have been avoided.


Not Taking Responsibility

8200 Block of NE 2nd Avenue

Police had a search warrant on an apartment where people were suspected of using drugs. Upon arrival there, they found several homemade crack pipes containing suspected cocaine residue, as well as marijuana, which stood in plain view in metal grinders. When one person was told he was about to be arrested, he appeared flabbergasted, asking, “Why am I going to jail? I was just laying in my bedroom?” He sort of has a point there. Not like he was parked illegally. He will have plenty time to lie around on the nastiness called a floor at the county jail if he so chooses.


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