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May 21st
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Written by Derek McCann, BT Contributor   
February 2017

policeman_stopFortress Needed

400 Block of NE 55th Terrace

Maybe you do need to keep that fancy bicycle under your bed and hope that burglars won’t flip the mattress (with you in it). This victim had locked up his bike in his shed and secured the shed with two locks. During an afternoon nap, a perpetrator entered the property and cut one of the locks at the shed, which gave him access. Perhaps the other lock was just for show? A neighbor heard noise, looked out her window, and saw the man feverishly grabbing the bike, forcing the doors open. She called the police, but the bike and the intruder were long gone by the time officers arrived, as he’d managed to jump the fence with his new wheels. The victim slept through the whole ordeal.


Crackhead’s Last Stand

600 Block of NE 80th Street

During a routine patrol, officer spotted a man standing in front of a property quite near the door. When the man in turn saw the police car, he ran inside the house. Subtlety doesn’t appear to be one of this man’s character strengths, however, as this compelled the officer to stop. The officer made several loud verbal commands directing the man to come out of the home, but he refused. The brave officer entered without backup and managed to detain the suspect without incident. This area of Miami is known for narcotics, prostitution, and violent crime; this home had been broken into repeatedly and the owner had not given permission for this man to be in his home.

Not Exactly Trump Tower…

6200 Biscayne Blvd.

A woman visiting Miami decided to spend her overnights at one of the Boulevard motels. She also had clothing and electronics worth about $10,000 stored in two luggage items, according to the police report. These items were placed in a secure room for highfalutin’ guests who need to carry such items with them to Biscayne Boulevard. A man who had burglarized the motel before took the luggage from the room. Police have reviewed the security footage, and hotel employees have identified the man as Dennis Harris. He was later arrested at Jackson Memorial Hospital. More on him follows.


His Night Continued

100 Block of NE 42nd Street

Before he was later arrested at Jackson Memorial Hospital, the aforementioned Dennis Harris kept going. He was found in the yard of a new victim, this time with bolt cutters. As he rummaged around, he set off the motion detectors and alarm. The homeowner came out and immediately confronted him. Harris refused to back down, waving the bolt cutters at an armed homeowner. After several warnings, the homeowner victim shot Harris, dropping him to the ground. He was taken to Jackson and arrested. Night over.


Three Kings

700 Block of NE 29th Terrace

Police responded to a burglary at this apartment complex. The locks had been broken from several doors, and one door was completely removed, i.e., according to the report, “ripped off the hinges.” A witness saw three men wearing construction clothing in the process of loading items into a gold van. They were confronted while in the process, which caused them to leap into their vehicle and drive off. There is, alas, no security footage of the incident. Somehow they had enough time to steal from at least three apartments with no repercussions or security.


That Special Anniversary Time

5500 Block of N. Miami Avenue

Our victim woke up and realized that someone was in her home, and that this someone was her ex. It had been one year since their relationship ended, but the ex-girlfriend had apparently managed to obtain a copy of the key from a mutual friend (a mutual friend no longer, we guess) and was hiding in the closet. When she did come out and reveal who she was, this caused the two to argue vehemently. The intruder then grabbed a knife and started destroying and vandalizing items in the home. That will show her ex. She then left the premises.


Renter and Landlord Gloom

600 Block of NE 36th Street

This particular tenant had been evicted from his apartment two weeks earlier; when he was served with the writ of possession, he’d left without incident. But now he came back. He managed to pick the lock and enter the apartment, and stole the washer and dryer, even taking them down by the elevator and then to his vehicle. Noise was heard coming from the apartment, and the building security guard reported it, but former tenant by then was long gone. Nothing else was removed or stolen.


Soon To Be the Ex….

NE 64th Street and Biscayne Boulevard

A boyfriend wished to see his girlfriend (at least she was, as of this incident), and went to where she lived with a co-worker. The roommate refused him entry, stating she wasn’t there. This refusal did not deter Romeo, who had to get what he wanted. He pushed the door open, turning the doorknob, and entered the home. That was when he saw his flame on the phone, and she was calling police. He ran off. The police located him and arrested him immediately, though we are fairly sure he will be released in time for next month’s ex-boyfriend report.


It Worked for Awhile

1000 Block of NE 82nd Street

Not all of us have fancy security systems, and we need to make do, hoping our DIY home security systems will provide enough of a deterrent. After returning from church, this couple sadly found that they’d been hit. Their house was ransacked, with closets opened and items strewn all about, while others have been stolen. The entry was made via the windows in the den where the sofa sat, which had been pushed away from windows. The kicker was the Scotch tape that had served to keep the window in one piece. It had been removed. Those were good eyes on the burglar, as that invisible tape is hard to spot. The intruder left a large and visible footprint in the kitchen for good measure.


Whopper of a Notice

7100 Block of NE 2nd Avenue

Sometimes it’s the little warnings that let us know things aren’t right. In this case, a woman had left the state on vacation, and let her son tend to matters locally. One day the son noticed that someone had used his Discover card at the Burger King on NW 7th Avenue. He went to the apartment and found the front door open and the unit burglarized. The culprits had brazenly taken the time to eat those cheap and greasy burgers right there, alerting all to the crime and their lack of criminal and culinary sophistication.


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