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Jun 23rd
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March 2013

Interesting, Informative, and Meat-free

bigstock_Mail_Button_1727945I wanted to thank Harriette Yahr for her excellent article regarding the vegetarian scene in Miami and Keith Kalmanowicz’s journey to Miami (“Kitchen Question: What Would You Pay For Gourmet Vegan?” February 2012). It was super-interesting and informative.

I live close to the Earth-n-Us Farm and hope to visit it soon. I just wanted to let you know how much I loved the article.

Javier Berezdivin


Update: City to “Hidden” Walmart: Get Lost

Thank you to Biscayne Times for Erik Bojnansky’s excellent article on Walmart’s latest plan for Midtown (“Now You See It, Now You Don’t,” February 2012).

I’m glad Midtown Opportunities is taking steps to cushion the potential blow to the rest of the area. Concerns about traffic and congestion remain, and the article addresses those issues intelligently.

Those of us who like Midtown simply want it to do well, and we’d like Wynwood to thrive also. Is Walmart a threat to the rest of Midtown and Wynwood? I’m not sure. I hope the traffic and congestion issues will be handled with due attention to what is now a lively and creative area.

Without question, this part of Miami is gaining a higher profile. Again, thanks for your smart coverage.

John Chellino


Jen Went Off the Tracks

I find it necessary to point out a number of errors in Jen Karetnick’s article on transit in Miami Shores in the February issue (“Mass Intransigence”).

Ms. Karetnick is usually spot-on, but the errors in her February piece were glaring and I must ask that you note the necessary corrections. First, she refers to “an endless cargo train” and then states that the train whistles awaken her at least twice nightly. The correct term is “freight train” on board which cargo is carried. If she thinks that trains are endless, then I must remind her and your readers that without the several daily freight trains of the fabled Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway, both I-95 and US 1 would operate in rush-hour traffic conditions 24 hours a day seven days a week.

As far as the train whistles go, I hardly need to remind readers that the railroad’s tracks were laid on the banks of the Miami River and the shores of Biscayne Bay in 1896; so complaining about the whistles is similar to buying a house at the end of an airport runway and then complaining that the planes are keeping the person awake.

Elsewhere, Ms. Karetnick has confused (and understandably; she not a railroad buff and this not a criticism) the three eventual passenger train operations that will, it is hoped, grace the FEC’s tracks: All Aboard Florida (AAF), serving downtown Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Orlando with a possibility at a later date of two or three trains making two or three additional stops; Amtrak, with service from New York to Miami via the FEC from Jacksonville to Miami, with as yet undetermined stops; Tri-Rail commuter service on the FEC, likely having a number of stops that neither Amtrak nor AAF will utilize. It is possible, if not likely, that if Tri-Rail comes to the eastern tracks, there will be a Miami Shores stop at a location not yet determined.

Unfortunately, Ms. Karetnick “misspoke” very badly when she wrote that the closest station to Miami Shores when AAF service is initiated, will be “in either Opa-locka or Golden Glades,” neither of which is even remotely possible, especially since they are served by and on the line of the CSX railroad and are nowhere near the FEC’s tracks.

Another grievous error was in Ms. Karetnick’s allusion to litter and stray animals along the FEC right-of-way in Miami Shores. This is absolutely not the case. The right-of-way is cleaned regularly by the railroad, the Village, and property owners. Any litter is removed quickly.

There are also, contrary to the article’s claims, pedestrian crossings (called, strangely enough, sidewalks), most of them with separate gates, flashing lights, and bells, at NE 96th Street, NE 6th Avenue, and NE 87th Street, the only three crossings in Miami Shores south of NE 107th St.

Because Miami Shores would be a stop for Tri-Rail commuter trains only, it is highly unlikely that a station will be built. Rather, a paved platform with canopies to protect patrons from inclement weather and with ticket machines on the platforms would be installed, and that would serve quite well for boarding or detraining purposes.

Seth H. Bramson
Miami Shores


Rubio As Racist? King As Crackpot

I don’t think it’s appropriate for Jack King to call Sen. Marco Rubio a racist (“The GOP’s Boy Toy,” February 2012).

King wrote, “My take on what his ‘sweeping’ immigration reforms will look like: Nobody else can come in to the United States unless you come with $10 million to invest, a doctorate degree, and look like a Republican. Oh, yes, you can be Hispanic as long as you’re still white.”

Where did he get that? C’mon, now.

Rick Flores


Elevation: One Answer to Life Among Morons

Thank you, Jim W. Harper, for another courageous “Going Green” article on our incredible stupidity (“Lucky, Though Probably Not For Long,” January 2013).

I am surrounded by people who do not believe in global warming. It’s comforting to be able to point to a local article to try to get them motivated. However, it’s a Sisyphean task that so far feels like a monumental waste of time.

Sometimes I think I should just cut my losses and move to higher ground.

Sean Atkinson


Aventura Cops Are Quick with Speed Traps, Slow with Bus Bullies

After reading Erik Bojnansky’s article about the dangers faced by pedestrians in Aventura (“Waiting to Happen,” January 2013), I want to say that in 22 years of living on East Country Club Drive, I have repeatedly made calls to the bus depot reporting runaway bus drivers doing 55-plus on that road.

It is tragic that lives have been dashed long before they should have to because of aggressive drivers.

The Aventura cops are aggressive and love to entrap, hiding in shadows and just waiting to leap like a wildcat at its prey. I cannot believe that they don’t see what we do!

This place should be named “City of Entrapment,” not “City of Excellence”! It is well known that Aventura is not the friendliest or nicest place, where people respect the rules or practice common courtesy

I send my condolences to the families.

Name Withheld by Request


Horrors: Hate? Look in the Mirror, BT

Regarding Jim W. Harper’s “Park Patrol” column about the Eastern Shores Tot Lot (“Little Park of Horrors,” January 2012): Wow! Talk about hate.... Biscayne Times has it big time.

I am a happy resident of Eastern Shores. Even though we have no kids living here, my husband and I always say that we love the fact that there are so many children in the neighborhood. To hear them laugh and to see them playing together happily, makes the community that much nicer.

We in Eastern Shores love our kids as much as families in any other part of our planet love theirs. What would make us different?

Jim W. Harper’s article seems to focus on our “hate for children” more than the tot lot. I mean, he mentions quite a few times how much we hate.

I would love to see a follow-up with an explanation, and pursuit of whatever the real issue is.

Peace and love. No room for hate here.

Marina Cacici
Eastern Shores


Horrors: Sleaze-Free Zone and Proud of It

Jim Harper probably doesn’t understand that people who live in gated communities don’t want their children playing in parks.

And who can blame us for rejecting the Kardashians? One thing we don’t have here, which Harper didn’t acknowledge, is sleaze.

Why start now?

Robert Livingstone
Eastern Shores


Horrors: A Print Bully Should Apologize to Those Who Love the Park

Mr. Jim W. Harper must have written “Little Park of Horrors” without thinking first.

He could have said the kids in Eastern Shores don’t have a very nice playground to play in or that Eastern Shores doesn’t have room to build a playground for children in the area. But to have said that Eastern Shores hates kids when in fact we love kids -- well, that’s a very strong and rude statement.

Now I understand why so many people in this world get hurt because of bullies like Mr. Harper. We will not tolerate and put up with his words. I send them back where they came from, I rebuke his words.

We in Eastern Shores deserve an apology, and Harper needs to take his words back.

Ruth Pulido
Eastern Shores

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