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Apr 27th
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January 2013

Compiled by Derek McCann

bigstock_Criminal_Thief_Activity_7156501Footsteps in the Hood

300 Block of NE 24th Street

Victim was using the upstairs bathroom when he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. He thought it was his roommate, so he called out but did not get a response. He heard the footsteps trailing off into his bedroom. A few minutes later, he exited the bathroom after hearing footsteps rapidly descending the stairs. The victim discovered his iPhone, watch, and wallet were missing from his bedroom. There were no signs of forced entry, as the rear sliding door to the living room had been left open. The mystery intruder has not been caught.


Excuse Me, But Is That Purse Taken?

200 Block of NE 1st Street

Want to meet strangers in bars? Better be prepared to pay. Victim was with a female friend when she met a man at the bar. The two proceeded to flirt, like slobbering, inebriated people often do. Victim left her purse on her chair and went to use the ladies’ room. When she returned, her purse and new male friend were gone. Her girlfriend was not much help -- she was passed out at the bar. The purse contained $500, not to mention credit cards and other personal items. With no money for a cab, and her friend passed out, it was a long walk home.


One Born Every Minute

NE 2nd Avenue and NE 19th Street

A young woman approached the victim, claiming she had a winning lottery ticket, but that she couldn’t cash it because she was an undocumented immigrant. We gather this touched the victim’s heart. The woman convinced the victim to get into a car with two other individuals, promising the victim $700 if she would front her some money. Seems like a good deal, right? Victim withdrew $200 from her bank, then was driven to a location to buy postage stamps. However, when she stepped out of the vehicle, she found the establishment was closed. She turned to get back into the car, but the threesome drove off, leaving her on the street. She could not identify the plate number for police.


Covering Up the Stench of Crime

700 Block of NE 86th Street

Victim secured his residence and went to visit his wife. When he returned, he noticed the side window of his house had been shattered. The intruder had apparently hurt himself in this effort, as blood was discovered at the scene. The home was not ransacked and no high-ticket items were stolen. The only items taken were ten bottles of cologne. Police set up a perimeter, but the burglar was not found. If anyone spots a man with bandages on his hands, reeking intensely of cologne, they are advised to contact police.


Maxed Out, in More Ways Than One

5 NE 79th St.

A store clerk called police to report a man causing a disturbance in his store. The man had attempted to use multiple credit cards to make a purchase, but each time the card was denied. In frustration, he left the store with his unpaid items, which totaled five dollars. He didn’t go very far, instead choosing to hang out at a gas station across the street. The man -- who had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and smelled of alcohol -- was in the middle of causing another disturbance at the gas station when police arrested him.


Cheap Weed Is Illegal, Too

135th Street and Biscayne Boulevard

While on routine patrol, a North Miami police officer saw three men standing by a car. One of the men made eye contact with the officer, who noticed a small bag falling from the man’s pocket. The officer approached the man and saw the bag had marijuana in it. The man spontaneously said, “Officer, don’t lock me up for this cheap five-dollar weed.” Unfortunately for him, this is not Washington State. The man was promptly arrested.


A Crime, but a Deal Nevertheless

NE 3rd Avenue and NE 79th Street

Hookers will never leave our corridor; it’s part of our tradition. An undercover officer noticed a lady of the evening, wearing sheer white pants, sitting on a park bench. He honked his horn -- the universal sign for “My name is John. Let’s get it on.” The woman approached the car and told the officer her price for the full-service treatment was $40. Officer gave the takedown signal and the woman was arrested.


Rise and Shine, Miami!

800 Block of NE 82nd Street

On a pleasant Sunday morning, victim awoke to the sound of her dogs barking. Okay, maybe they wanted to eat early or just wanted some loving attention. The victim looked out the window, searching for her little critters, only to witness a man stealing her bike. What a way to wake up. Unfortunately she could not readily describe the culprit to police because it all happened so fast.


Gotta Know When to Fold Them

1000 Biscayne Blvd.

At the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, the victim hit it big. He won $5000. Of course, celebrating such good fortune alone is always lame; one has to find someone with whom to paint the town red. This lucky guy found two women, who agreed to drive with him back to his hotel. However, they had to stop for gas on the way. The victim volunteered to get out and pump, leaving his jacket inside the car. You know what’s coming… As soon as victim exited the vehicle, the two women drove off. The winnings were inside his jacket. There are no leads. We suggest future winners celebrate by themselves.


The Old Switcheroo

13700 Block of NE 3rd Court

Woman came home and noticed her black tote bag was placed on the bed. The tote bag usually contained jewelry worth approximately $4500. When the woman looked inside the bag, however, there was no jewelry, only lotion, shampoos, razors, and other toiletries. There were no signs of forced entry and nothing else in the home was disturbed.


We Remember This Guy From High School

11800 Block of NE 19th Drive

Victim arrived home to find her front door open. Fearing a burglary, she began making sure her valuables were still there. While searching through her home, she received several texts from her ex-boyfriend. The ex apologized for breaking into the home, saying he did so only to leave a couple of notes for the victim. Victim found the notes on the living room floor. The ex does not have keys to the apartment and has never lived there. Victim was issued a case card and her options were listed for her. We hope one of them was a screening service for boyfriends.


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