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Jun 23rd
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Written by Derek McCann -- BT Contributor   
December 2012

Compiled by Derek McCann

bigstock_Criminal_Thief_Activity_7156501Good Thing They Weren’t Friends

100 Block of NE 82nd Street

A dispute occurred between roommates. Victim referred to her male roommate as “an acquaintance.” The acquaintance was asked to leave the premises, which caused quite a problem. After turning in his key peacefully, he came back to the apartment and kicked down the door, screaming at his former roommate/acquaintance: “I am going to kill you!” The landlord was also threatened. The man eventually left, but not before throwing a garbage can at a car, causing $1500 in damage. Police tracked down the scumbag, who said he had no idea what they were talking about -- or how that small baggie of weed got into his pocket.


Alibis Are Important

100 Block of NE 10th Street

A witness saw two men pulling down a fence and notified area police. When an officer arrived, one of the suspects simply attempted to walk away from the scene. The officer detained him. It was then that the hapless man claimed, “I did it for him; he said he was going to give me five dollars.” Five dollars? (Judging from the Crime Beat files, that money may have been for a rock -- or perhaps deodorant.) When the officer stopped the other suspect, the man looked at his accomplice and said, “That’s him. He must be hiding his tools there.” Thus the officer had spontaneous statements from each of the suspects implicating one another. The fence suffered $2500 in damage and these backstabbing accomplices spent the night in jail.


Nothing Fare About This Scenario

5400 block of N. Miami Avenue

An inebriated woman entered a cab and told the driver she had no cash, but that she did have a debit card. She handed him the card and told him her desired destination. After driving several blocks the driver crankily replied, “I’m not an ATM.” He stopped his car and told her to get out. She did, but neglected to get her debit card back. A few hours later, money went missing from her account, as the cabbie managed to use her debit card at several locations. Victim did manage to obtain video from a gas station where the card was used. No arrest as of yet. Beware: Cabbies have become as desperate as their deadbeat passengers.


We Hope He Left a Big Tip

300 Block of NE 79th Street

People run a risk when they valet park their car. In this case, the worst-case scenario occurred when the valet accidently gave the victim’s car to someone else. The car had not been returned by press time. Guess it was an upgrade for the person who decided to take it. Crime Beat wonders how this could happen so easily. Miamians: Learn to parallel park.


Caffeine Rush Helps Victims Fend Off Purse Snatcher

135th Street and Biscayne Boulevard

At this Starbucks, where yuppies come to mash on their laptops and look important, a dastardly opportunist hid behind one of the bushes, ready to waylay an innocent victim. Two women were enjoying their time together when they saw hands coming from the bushes, grabbing their purses off a chair. A tug-of-war ensued between victims and criminal. The victims won the battle. (Even the yuppies in North Miami are tough.) The man escaped, only to be tracked down by North Miami’s Finest at Highland Village Park.


Thief Withdraws Laptop at Bank

900 Block of NE 125th Street

People who live in North Miami need to be aware that any open door is an invitation for criminal shenanigans -- even when that door is the trunk of your car. Victim was using the drive-through ATM machine of this bank and had mistakenly left his hatchback trunk open. During his transaction, someone went into the trunk and took a Hewlett Packard laptop. There is surveillance tape of the incident. Please be aware of your surroundings -- all the time, everywhere.


Brand-Conscious Criminal Hits Home

600 Block of NE 133rd Street

An intruder removed some jalousies -- those quaint vestiges of a much simpler time, when crooks didn’t roam our streets in such huge numbers -- pushed open the window screen, and unlocked the door to this home. Perpetrator did this while the victim was sleeping. The mystery guest took an Apple laptop, a pair of Air Jordan sneakers, a True Religion shirt, Victoria’s Secret panties, and $850 in cash. Fortunately, fingerprints were taken, so there’s a chance the identity of the culprit will be revealed and perhaps some of the items will be returned. (We’re guessing the victim probably doesn’t want the panties back.)


How Phony Is This Story in Dog Years?

12200 Block of NE 11th Court

Woman came home and noticed her door open. When she entered, she saw an unknown man standing in her kitchen. He said he followed her dog to her house because it had bitten a woman, and he wanted to locate the owner. When the victim did not believe the story, the man, who called himself “Tavaris,” said he would find the bite victim in question and would return. He even left a cell number. He never returned. He neglectfully dropped an ID card outside and the police were called. Victim does not know how he got into the home, and there is no sign of forced entry. Police are now searching for the intruder.


Long Workout Leaves Man’s Finances Lighter

12700 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

Victim parked his vehicle in front of U.S. 1 Fitness at approximately 4:00 p.m. After a two-hour workout, he returned to his vehicle and noticed damage to the lock on the driver’s-side door. The car’s cup holder, which had contained $15 in change, was missing. Underneath that cup holder, the victim had placed $100 in cash, and that was also missing. To make matters worse, his wallet was taken from the center console. The wallet contained eight credit cards, a driver’s license, a Social Security card, and $600 in cash. Crime Beat understands not wanting to carry a wallet in your gym clothes, but do it anyway. Tell people it’s a muscle.


Thieves Pop In, Pop Out with TV

400 Block of NE 125th Street

Victim heard someone knocking on his door and opened it to find his friend Louie with an unidentified male. Both men entered without an invitation. Civilized people call this “the pop-in.” While Louie, the victim, and the victim’s wife engaged in casual conversation in the victim’s bedroom, the unidentified male remained in the living room by himself. Not wanting to be a rude host, the victim went to check on him and saw him unplugging a flat-screen television. The man refused to stop despite the victim’s protestations. Louie and the man then lifted the television onto a waiting pickup truck and fled the scene. Please, people, don’t tolerate the pop-in anymore. Not in this city.

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