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Aug 23rd
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December 2018

bigstock_Mail_Button_1727945Run for It

Francisco Alvarado’s article “A Tale of Two Condos” (November 2018) was a true eye-opener. Thank you for this kind of investigative journalism.

I’m sure many, like me, have been blindly trusting our condo boards and the management companies and vendors they work with. I confess I only skim the annual budget reports and meeting minutes.

No more!

I thank those condo board members in your article for coming forward. Please, people, run for board seats. Things may look normal, and maybe they are, but put fresh eyes on the books.

Rebecca Schultz Westbrook



In Francisco Alvarado’s “A Tale of Two Condos,” a reporting error resulted in a misperception regarding certain residents at the Admiral’s Port condominium complex.

Residents and board members Jaye Chipy and Nina Marcovich decided against running for reelection to the condo board in February 2018. A third board member also declined to run for reelection.

They were not voted out of office as the story stated.

Biscayne Times regrets the error.


A Force Less Militant

Every month I look forward to reading Biscayne Times, and especially Jay Beskin’s column about Aventura. The November column (“More Police? No Thanks”) addressed Cesar Sayoc’s “colorful van,” which was surprisingly parked in Aventura’s Waterways in front of Sarah’s Tent, a place where the Aventura police have posted very prominent signs warning that the area is actively patrolled.

I have been living in Aventura at the Waterways since 1991 and have yet to see any police presence in the Waterways, except for hiding at a stop sign on Yacht Club Drive, ready to pounce on and harshly issue a costly traffic summons to any driver who fails to come to a full stop.

Aventura police officers, in my opinion, have never been trained about the urgent need for community policing, which means acting as community ambassadors. This would be better than their very militarized mentality of us against them, and aggressively issuing traffic summons. They could be very helpful in welcoming visitors to our city.

Every year traffic in Aventura grows worse, yet the police and the city have not shown any evidence of trying to remedy the situation. I have never observed any Aventura police officer proactively engaging with our community.

Hopefully, the Aventura Police Department will learn from this incident and become a welcoming part of our community.

Emil Hubschman


You’re Kidding: They Didn’t Vote?

I thought there must be a mistake in Kim Ogren’s “Going Green” column (“Do or Die Election,” November 2018) -- that too few environmentalists actually vote. Knowing that there’s a public online searchable database of what elections we voted in (not how we voted) should shame them to get off their duffs and into action.

I recently learned that my millennial neighbor and her husband “never vote,” “never follow the news,” and “have a life, so don’t read.” I wanted to whack them upside the head with some slimy seaweed and a few dead fish. They’re throwing away their future, and making it harder for the rest of us to effect change.

Color me green -- as in sick to my stomach.

Patrick Gilmore
Downtown Miami


Dripping With Rage and Hatred

I read the “Family Matters” article “White Colonialist Mythology” (November 2018) by this Jenni Person person, and was appalled by the rage and hatred that dripped through the entire article. Hatred for the whites, hatred for the United States.

While it is true that throughout history, atrocities have been committed around the world by many people of many races, the “pedagogy” (as this intellectual Person calls it) of Thanksgiving has happily brought families together for many years to celebrate a feast that, accurate or not, has represented God’s provision at a moment of dire need.

I for one am a legal immigrant and love this country, and I am infuriated at seeing liberal academia attempt to destroy its traditions.

Connie D. Munoz
Sans Souci


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